A part of the food that you will find on the breakfast table comes either from local famers or from my own kitchen. Whenever possible I use organic products.  

What I purchase from the local farm markets goes directly out of the farm kitchen without vendor to the consumer.  If you are interested, it will be a pleasure to arrange a special package for taking home. In my home town Vienna such a gift is called "Bschoad-Packerl" ("Let you know"-package). It describes a compilation of products which you would like to enjoy at home as a holiday memory or that you pass along to friends or relatives to "let them know" something about your holiday. 

The garden that surrounds the house grows figs, pears and nectarines. As soon as they are ripe enough I either manufacture them to jams or cakes or I serve them for breakfast - freshly from the tree, without any treatment and ideally ripened in the sun of the Thurgau region.